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Towards good directions through complex scenarios

The new Cuban authorities will lead the country in a complex and, in general, unfavorable context.

24 de abril de 2018 - By Eduardo González

The new Cuban authorities will lead the country in a complex and, in general, unfavorable context.

The criminal economic blockade of the US Government against Cuba is maintained, and it even increases in several aspects, in particular, the financial one.

The Donald Trump' presidency has tightened relations, and the anti-Cuban lobby in the US Congress continues to pressure the executive, through blackmail, to return relations to the cavemen era of politics of the last decades.

The right wing has managed to reverse socio-economic advances in several Latin American countries, and with this, partially undermine the integration process of the subcontinent.

Low oil prices and Washington's tenacious economic war against Venezuela limit, to some extent, the income that Cuba receives in exchange for cooperation in health, sports and other branches.

However, economic ties with other countries grow and strengthen, especially with Russia, China and the European Union.

The consequences of the pronounced droughts of recent years and the ruthless lashes of powerful hurricanes have had a strong impact on the Cuban economy.

The process of updated economic and social policy is now focused on some of the most difficult pending subjects, such as the elimination of monetary duality and exchange multiplicity, salary readjustment and improvement of the organization of the non-state sector of the economy, in accordance with the principles of Cuban socialism.

It is also a serious challenge to tackle economic corruption, crime and social indiscipline, phenomena that grew in the heat of the brutal crisis known as "special period in time of peace" and today represent a heavy burden for Cuban society.

The solution of all these pitfalls happens, inescapably, by the growth of the economy, without a doubt, the most difficult task for the authorities that have just assumed their positions.

The recent elections meant not only that, for the first time, the president of the State Council does not belong to the "historical generation" of the Revolution.

In addition  there was a marked rejuvenation of the Parliament and the Council of State.

However, none of its members is an improvised and, together, they reflect the most important results of the educational policy of the Revolution in all senses: scientific-technical, political, cultural ...

The new leadership of the country will surely stimulate the transformations that are being conceived, but it will maintain the course undertaken by those bearded who overthrew the pro-imperialist dictatorship almost 60 years ago and who, along with the militiamen, defended the socialist character of the Revolution, in the sands of Playa Girón.

Of that, there should be no doubts left to friends or enemies.