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Roxana Iglesias: “There's lack of interest for the new”

Frasis musical group launched its new album entitled Not to Stop

3 de abril de 2017 - By Jaime Masó Torres

Amid a spectacular and doubtful musical rise of some young, the emergence of a group or soloist with a different proposal and where, by all accounts, consecration, study or a good “school” are perceived, means that quality and talent prevail over banality.

However, unfortunately these are not the offers that fill a hundred percent the billboards of night clubs, the most sold or announced. Our media usually miss the serious and accurate promotion like, for example, that of a group of young people that promote Cuban son with the unmistakable hallmark of the contemporary.

They'd probably be interviewed in the supercilious “corners of fame” or show programs of our radio stations, but they will never be most heard than the “kings of the mambo” which dominate the Cuban musical panorama today, only singing the vulgar that they call poetry.

Frasis clears up any sign of fatalism and gives us the hope that the authentic will always be all the rage. Recently this group launched its new CD compromising and, above all, challenging, titled: Para no parar.

Para no parar includes twelve theme songs delicately done, with full knowledge of the route we want to follow; a carefully chosen repertoire for the total enjoyment of the audience, without fearing to miss something, quite on the contrary.

According to musicologist Élsida González, in spite of the novel nature of this album, “we do not miss the original cause. We keep the strenght of the strings: the group's driving force, and registered trademark versus the diversity of proposals found at present”.

Among the guest musicians there is Hernán López-Nussa with the theme “Silent Thought”. On the other hand, Kelvis Ochoa offers his voice and creole style to sing “I wait for you”, along with Roxana Iglesias, a little jewel that already has a videoclip; while The Magic Black Woman, Daymé Arocena, makes her own version of Teofilito's “Thought”. There will also be other elegant themes such as “Alma Llanera”, the CD's Bonus Track.

Iglesias sums up the meaning of this album as follows:

Frasis has not stopped along these seven years despite the hardships and obstacles of people who never gave us the support we needed… The CD is the result of our persistence, our strong desire of playing and wishing that violin is felt within Cuban music, that the string quartet has a leading role in our days.

“This is mainly a work we strongly support people's capacity to value new products and ideas. We lack interest for knowing, and the new. This CD says that Frasis will not stop, that there's still a long way to go.” she affirmed.

We have a lot to thank to Roxana Iglesias and her musicians who never quit creating positively for the Cuban music, preserving their style, projection and vision. Don't you ever dare stop doing that: it is a request of all their followers.