Radio Taíno is a National Coverage Radio Station that broadscasts exclusively in Frequency Modulation (FM) for the whole country.

Revitalizing sounds made with golden pebbles

Though I never asked her about her pen name, I'd like to think that she took the name of Goldierocks by the color of her hair. Besides, having golden shades is always good, and her sound fits to the label.

10 de abril de 2017 - Lester Upierre

It has been a year since I first met her and, incredibly, she still continues being the same joyful and youthful girl with who I happened to coincide at a press conference. I was not nervous now and the language
barrier blurred at a higher speed.

Samantha Louis Hall was her given name and she arrived to Cuba in 2016, although it was not her first time, to celebrate, along with Radio Taino's staff and the Cuba Tonight program, the first anniversary of broadcasting on this frequency The Selector show.

Goldierocks, as she is known by her audience, is a British DJ, producer and announcer who decided to return to us to expand much more the musical experience of the United Kingdom and interact, this time, with
the Cuban producers of the electronic music, on occasion of celebrating the second anniversary of working with the FM of Cuba.

As a good talk, we decided to look for a more quiet place and ask for a drink. She preferred a Cuba Libre. Then, I turned on my tape recorder and our conversation took place with some laughs in between.

- Which is your personal style working as a DJ?

Being a live Dj, I play genres like big house, tecno, and a lot of underground music. When I perform out of my country, I try to to play as much music from UK as I can, 'cause I try to trasmit a little of that
which happens there, especially in London. There is also another good set of themes you may listen to on Ibiza; however I truly like to reproduce rhythms that make you shake your entire body, you know, those
sounds that make you feel happy and smile, showing you are having a good time.

- What is The Selector and how did you become the host of this show?

The Selector is a radio show broadcast worldwide, sponsored by the British Council, which I created and I record every week from London. So, I decide the new music to be played on the show, the same way my
bright producer, Pete Linney, whom I work with side by side.

The show aims at promoting the culture, talent and music of Great Britain across borders, so that people have a better understanding of our culture, which allows us to create relationships among the nations where we broadcast and the UK.

When I began to make the show we only broadcast for six nations around the world and now we increased that number to 46, including Cuba. It's very unique, one of the most popular specialized radio programs in the
universe, arriving to countries like Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Russia or the Middle East. It's a very powerful show having over five million listeners each week.

- What can you tell us on your experience working with Radio Taino since last year and what do you expect of this new meeting?

This is my fourth time in Cuba, so I almost consider myself a Cuban (she smiles). I came around ten years ago on vacation, accompanied by my family, and it was an incredible experience. Later on, I came back three years ago for work purposes, and it was then when I met the radio and started this conversation.

Now we are celebrating the second anniversary of this collaboration, which is a huge honor for me, and I think we are making history with this incredible relationship. In my view, the biggest thing we'll do
this year will be the live radio show, which is a great challenge because it will be in two languages, two cultures; but last year it was a big success, so we look forward to doing it one more time.

There was also that great party it took place last Saturday night, on April 8. We have started this competition to interpret and fuse both, Cuban and British music. Likewise, I'm meeting some Cuban Djs to hear
their stories, getting their music and take it to the UK, to promote it there.

- What was the importance of the Saturday night concert at the University Resort for you, your music, Cuban Djs and the people here?

My role consists in selecting the best music and make it known to the world. I mostly trust that the relations between UK and Cuba keeps on growing and developing, and that this exchange reaches a higher point,
so we could start bringing Cuban Djs and musicians to England and viceversa...

On our side, we hope Goldierocks returns once more with her excellent musical selection and keeps on being falling in love with Cuba, making this link somewhat better and stronger. “One Love” were her last words
for our audience.