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Havana Club will present new rum at Habano´s Festival

Havana Club will present new rum at Habano´s Festival

20 de febrero de 2018 - Taken from the ACN

Havana Club Internacional S. A. (HCI) will present a new rum named Tributo 2018 at the XX Festival del Habano, which will be held in Havana from February 26 through March 2.

The company announced today that this is the third edition of the Havana Club Tribute Collection, which pays tribute each year to the different elements that form part of the authentic production process.

In a press release, HCI pointed out that the new delivery is the first luxury Cuban rum with a finishing in barrels of smoked whisky, and that there are only two thousand 500 bottles available to be sold worldwide.

According to the report, Tributo 2018 was made from the best rum reserves, exclusively aged in barrels of more than 60 years, safeguarded by the Rum Masters.

The communiqué reads that Master Asbel Morales carefully selected and mixed the rums extracted from these barrels, and then finished the melting in smoked whiskey barrels. 

Like its predecessors, Tributo 2018 will be launched as part of the Habanos Festival, which will have as its main venue the Havana Convention Center.

This annual event offers its attendees a varied program of activities to learn about the origin, elaboration and other aspects related to the culture of Cuban cigars.