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Foreign presence in the Fourth Edition of the Business Fair

The Mexican company Liquesa, which develops, packs and markets engine lubricants under the Optimus brand, is presented at the fourth edition of the Business Fair that is held in Expocuba from the 10th until the 25th of May.

17 de mayo de 2017 - By Elizabeth Cabrera Morejón

This entity has more than thirty years trading in Cuba, has warehouses in Berroa and for four years has provided services to the CIMEX Corporation with the Brand Servisol, exclusive to the service network of
the same company.

Jorge Fernández Martí, a salesman and representative of this company, comments that "it is a good product, which has had very good acceptance. We have come to this fair with the aim of getting to know with the final customers that are the companies of the base. We have had the opportunity to contact companies in places such as Moa and  Las Tunas, because it is difficult to reach them, except for the importers of the government  ministries. In the end those who generate the need are those who have it, in this case. We have products for industries, agriculture and for the automotive market ".

Liquesa, with a presence in 27 countries, manufactures lubricants and automotive and industrial line products such as greases, brake fluids, cooling water and additives to improve the properties of fuels, both
gasoline and diesel.

Its products are designed and manufactured according to the highest world standards of quality, supported by the American Petroleum Institute and validated by the Certificates of Origin for the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), which allows exporting to countries such as Argentina, Brazil , Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Cuba.

The entity has the peculiarity that it has a plant in Mexico that produces its own packages, which gives an added value to its products. Fernández Martí explains that "the normal thing in the world is that who produces, buy the base to another company, we in our production include the packages  of various sizes, covers and labels of different formats.The possibility of making available to the Cuban market the foundations, both for the chemical industry and also for food that many consume, to cite just two examples. "

This is the first time that the company participates in the Business Fair, an opportunity that allows them to put to the consideration of the Cuban entities their range of products, so they also hope to have a booth at the next fair in Havana and a space In the Mariel Special Development Zone.

This fourth edition of the Expocuba Business Fair allows the identification of the potential of state, joint ventures and other forms of management, to promote new products and services, including exportable items, as well as trade, conciliation processes and preparation of the Plan for the 2018 economy.