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Challenges of a First Convention

During the press conference held at the Ministry of Domestic Trade (in Spanish, MINCIN), Odalys Escandell, First Deputy Minister of this sector, offered some details to Radio Taino on the 1st Trade Convention, Cuba 2017.

17 de mayo de 2017 - By Lester Upierre Rodríguez

The goal of this First Trade Convention consists in making the action of Cuban trade sustainable, so that researchers, executives and technicians from this field exchange views about the role of trade and services concerning the economic development of the country, as well as the trends of current trading.

As regards to this event which already started at the Havana's Convention Center, we talked to Odalys Escandell, First Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade in Cuba.

Which are those challenges and perspectives targeted by the MINCIN to reach this sustainable trade?

«The first challenge we pursue with this convention consists in working with the academy and link it to the trade system, service qualit and professionality, thus increasing the quality standards of the population through a better service. In second place, we aim at providing a wide spectrum of trading from the logistics point of view up to the moment the service is given.

«That's why, the convention has an important event related to logistics, as well as to consumer protection, food safety, marketing and cosmetics, related to cooking art, which compensates trading in Cuba».

How is the Mincin linked to the perspectives of the country development in this convention?

«The MInistry of Domestic Trade is the leading entity of wholesale and retailing trade, warehouse logistics and consumer protection in Cuba; therefore, we're forced to continue developing wholesale trade, one of the perspectives at medium and long terms. This wholesale trade will not only be supported on state activity, but on non-state as well».

«As regards to retail commerce, we will be focusing on its wide spectrum, specialization of market, which is what we want to achieve. That is why, we are studying markets of new type where the person may come and find several offers at a same store. Furthermore, we will talk on how to use cosmetics in our weather, Cuban dressing, etc. For this reason we highlight that commerce is linked to several activities and the doing of the Cuban population.»

There is no longer a management pattern in Cuba, but quite a few. How do you intend to join this first convention to all these new forms of management?

«Commerce is only one, in its different ways, ruled by the same principles. For this reason, the same principle governs the new context of the Cuban updating economic model that shares the state and non-state sectors. We set the same guidelines for both, there aren't differences between them. It's just about sharing the same market».

A group of panels and symposia will be held during these days. What direct results on trading, gastronomy and services are you expecting from these events?

«The first thing is to see trading from science, and trading is science since it implies many requirements, going from the perception of the client up to knowing how to satisfy people's likes. It's a difficult goal to achieve, but it's our first goal. We're now carrying out some studies along with the MInistry of High Education, which will undoubtedly lead to increase the quality of services we provide in each and every field».

Some 500 people -lecturers and delegates- coming from Spain, Bolivia, Peru Vietnam, Mexico and others, are participating in this convention. Similarly, a group of providers of those products sold in store chains of retail network will be coming from abroad.

The First Trade Convention, Cuba 2017, taking place from May 15-19, aims at being a space where academy and practice converge on behalf of society.