Radio Taíno is a National Coverage Radio Station that broadscasts exclusively in Frequency Modulation (FM) for the whole country.

A link not only based in music

The British radio program The Selector has been on the air for two years. I'll invite you to know through this interview much more on its link with Cuba Tonight and the collaboration between Radio Taino and the British Council

13 de abril de 2017 - By Lester Upierre Rodríguez

The just finished week was somewhat busy for the British Council and Radio Taino's Cuba Tonight's staff, since they celebrated together the second anniversary of broadcasting The Selector radio show in Cuba, and shared a night where the music of Cuban Djs and the British Goldierocks made vibrate the Havana University Resort.

One mention and a grand prix were granted to two young Cuban Djs at the concert which closed the MusicDos contest sponsored by Cuban Tonight and the British Council, for having fused the national music with  British rhythms. They will be broadcast through the frequencies of The Selector.

Having the presence of Phill Catchpole, The Selector's producer worldwide, and the host, Samanthat Hall (a.k.a. Goldierocks), was an experience revived by both institutions, which participated, for the second time, in the live broadcasting of the English show from Radio Taino's radio studios.

These days I had the opportunity of meeting Minerva Rodriguez, director for Cuba of the British Council, and Alberto Cordovi, director of Cuba Tonight, who praised this work and augured the program a best success in the future.

“The British Council has been working with Radio Taino for over two years having included arrangements for the broadcast of the The Selector programs and what it has been materialized during the broadcasting every Friday by means of Cuba Tonight”, as commented by Minerva. And she added: “We are very pleased to work with Radio Taino, since we've had the chance of creating a good workteam, by exchanging the best ways of broadcasting the program and answering to the needs this station may have as regarding the formats, by working and translating music. We are especially very happy by the possibility of offering and updating what it is happening with the British music through Cuba Tonight”.

Inserting The Selector on Cuba Tonight has not only been a gift for the audience, but an opportunity for the program as well. Alberto Cordoví explains why: “First of all, we consider it a radio program with new features  as it was completely in English, which allowed people to practice the language; besides giving the possibility of knowing other musical genres, other ways of conceiving music, other styles, and presenting the way it is done in Great Britain, all on Radio Taino's platform.”

This collaboration between two radio programs over this time might be considered fruitful for both. On the side of Cuba Tonight “we have experienced the capacity of creating a program in two languages: English and Spanish”, says Cordoví. “Moreover, we have the opportunity of presenting other music on a different language made in a nation different from ours. For The Selector it has had the advantage of being known in Cuba, being broadcast by Radio Taino's platforms”.

The search of more work choices between the British Council and Radio Taino radio station is an talk issue that always returns to his desk. The Cuban headquarters of this British institution is already thinking on how to develop a group of activities for twenty years of presence in the Caribbean Archipelago in 2018, and The Selector will be the platform that justifies these actions. Minerva Rodríguez said in advance that this collaboration should not only be from the British Council toward Cuba, but also an alternative of “creating  actions outside Cuba where Radio Taino may be present. In fact, we wish to regionalize the experience of the station with The Selector and share it with our offices in The Caribbean, in an immediate future with Jamaica”.

Concerning this aspect, Alberto Cordoví considers convenient to expand the experience of The Selector because “this is not one more program, but a space that permits Radio Taino to show other products and ways of doing things elsewhere in the world. We are looking forward that our music is played in the world and known on this platform through the British Council in Cuba and The Selector”.