Radio Taíno is a National Coverage Radio Station that broadscasts exclusively in Frequency Modulation (FM) for the whole country.

A jam session that “turned up the radio´´

Sweet Lizzy Project was the protagonist of the jam session that Radio Taino and At a Good Time cultural project offered last Saturday at Cafe Miramar.

23 de agosto de 2017 - By Yuricel Romero

Sweet Lizzy Project was the protagonist of the jam session that Radio Taino and At a Good Time cultural  project offered last Saturday at Cafe Miramar.

This group, mostly integrated by self-taught musicians, is distinguished by a  sound that resembles indie, folk and alternative pop US bands, and most of its themes are in English language. However, following their style, they try to give more diversity to the Cuban music, without losing the homeland sense, as stated by its singer Lisset Díaz, a.k.a. “Lizzy”.

“We believe that all the music originally conceived from Cuba is Cuba's, since our stories tell about the things happening here, because the roots of our music are based in our own music (…) We do not play traditional themes, though our music is Cuban.” Lizzy also assured that “In our country we have a huge audience that likes English songs, so, why not doing an alternative music in this language, made at home? I think we have all the tools to make and defend any genre, in any language, from our identity. ”

This girl, with a warm and sweet voice, drew the attention of the audience and  media after interpreting themes of late AmyWinehouse taking an image very similar to that of the popular British artist. Later on, she joined Miguel Comas –director and guitar player– giving birth to a project which, at its very beginning, took the name of the singer, and was the starting point that led to the creation of the band.

The evening Saturday jam session enriched with the collaboration of Miel Con Limón -Honey with Lemon- and Tracs, two groups that shared same musical  interests they defend from their authenticity. It was a true gift that the FM of Cuba made to the Sweet Lizzy Project followers and its audience.

About her experience, Lizzy expressed her impressions to this portal: “We are very grateful to Radio Taino, as it has been one of the radio stations that has best welcomed our music. We appreciate so much for having defended our work and kept us in mind. This jam session has
undoubtedly been a big success in our career. ”As regards to the organization of the program staff led by Manolo Luis, and the comfort felt by the musicians, the charismatic singer commented: “I have to confess that we thought we would be very nervous, since we broadcast live for around two hours, not only for Cuba, but for the world...., but at the end, the good environment, organization, professional level and experience of the technicians made us feel more secure; as well as the nice hosting of Ana María Domínguez who, with her eloquence, made us forget about our nervousness.

Almost by the end, the most expected moment arrived. Even though her singer jokingly announced they would play a new song never sung before, the audience knew what it was coming. The first notes made everybody stood up from their seats and chanted "Turn up the radio", a version of
Descemer Bueno and Enrique Iglesias' hit parade.