Radio Taíno is a National Coverage Radio Station that broadscasts exclusively in Frequency Modulation (FM) for the whole country.

Radio Taino started on November 3, 1985. Being a national-scope radio station, it broadscasts 24 hours a day through FM broadband. Administratively, it is an entity subordinated to the Subsystem of the Cuban Radio and Television Institute (in Spanish, ICRT). It has a recreational and cultural profile and its programs are addressed to a general audience, though with a strong emphasis on tourism. Its programming includes 34 spaces, prevailing the radiomagazine or the live magazine, combined with other programs of diverse nature, focusing on recreational, cultural and news issues.


Our mission consists in reaching any kind of audience, with a very attractive communicative product of a high cultural and recreational service, applying the most advanced principles of Social Media.


Be increasingly recognized by our listeners as a generating and promoting organization, defender of our national culture and identity, along with the best produced worldwide, while providing high-quality and competitive services and products, having a great impact on our listeners.