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Cuban Foreign Minister assures Cuba will defend its Revolution


19 de abril de 2019 - Taken from Prensa Latina In remembering on Friday the 58th anniversary of the victory in Bay of Pigs, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez assured that just as in 1961, Cuba will defend its Revolution, with the certainty of victory.

Melia Hotels Rejects US Hardened Sanctions against Cuba


19 de abril de 2019 - Taken from Prensa Latina
Spanish hotel chain Melia Hotels International has issued on Friday a statement rejecting the latest US sanctions against Cuba that harden the 60-year economic, financial and trade blockade on the island.

#Havana500… from the top of La Torre restaurant (+ Photos)

Habana 500

17 de abril de 2019 - By Elizabeth Cabrera Morejón
If you want to fall in love of Havana on its 500th anniversary, you only have to enjoy the charms of its sunsets from the highest restaurant of the city.

#Havana500… an award to the architecture of the city

Habana 500

16 de abril de 2019 - By Elizabeth Cabrera Morejón
Visible from any spot of Vedado district, the Focsa Building is considered one of the seven wonders of the Cuban Civil Engineering, being, at the time of its creation, the second highest concrete building in the world.

#Habana500… the university of heritage (+ Photos)

Habana 500

15 de abril de 2019 - By Elizabeth Cabrera Morejón
Located in the oldest part of the wonder city, the San Gerónimo University College of Havana aims at satisfying the high cultural and historical needs of Havana society, hosting the most representative of its intellectuals.

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